Glass is rapidly becoming a popular material in architecture. However most people still regard its use in buildings and homes as relatively thin pieces of fragile glass used in windows. The construction glass is now a much specialised medium which is toughened (Tempered etc) to build strong architectural solutions that allows architects to broaden their design horizon.

With the initial popularity in automotive windshields, tempered glass is now widely used in buildings due to strength and relative cost advantage. It is made to be four times stronger than regular float glass

Speaking of glass solutions AshadHussain, Marketing Director of Orient Gold Plus stated that innovative solutions offered by Orient Gold Plus can also produce different effects in the glass to make architectural designs that are cutting edge compared to conventional glazing methods. ‘‘You can design entire walls and separations with customised textures,’’ stated Ashad. Apart from accessories to choose from Orient offers for the first time in Sri Lanka many novel design solutions which enhances the design scope of modern designs.

Working to architects CAD drawings and designers, Orient Gold Plus has helped produce some striking facades and glass solutions in the country including Golden Key Hospital, Hafele Showroom, Iceland Residencies, Multilac Residence, Odel Showroom, Lionco Showroom, Cinnamon Lakeside, Café Du Mond, Habib Bank, HNB, Cinnamon Lakeside, Cinnamon Grand, Crescat Residencies to name a few. Ongoing projects include Durdans Hospital, Gabbana Showroom, Reefside Building Maldives, Supun Residencies. ’’Whenever you see a Glass façade in any major building in Sri Lanka, the chance is high that it was installed by Orient Gold Plus,’’ added Ashad. The company has also installed texture finishes and glazed walls outside the country such as at the President Palace in the Maldives.