Skyfold® Custom Powerlift Partitions are world leaders in operable wall systems

because of their state-of-the-art automatic design, ease of use and the available customisation to suit all of your specific needs. Skyfold® Custom Powerlift Partitions are the only automatic operable walls in the world that offer high acoustical ratings and fold vertically into the ceiling without manual intervention.

They are completely automatic, clad with flat and rigid Lamcel® panels. The partitions move effortlessly and quietly with a simple turnkey operation. They are stored in the ceiling pocket overhead so they do not require any floor space for storage. No manual intervention is ever needed, virtually eliminating wear and tear on the acoustical seals.

Skyfold® Custom Powerlift Partitions are extremely durable and have no visible hinges or hardware. A wide variety of finishes are available, including vinyl, glass, fabric, stainless steel, aluminum, wood veneer, tapestry, murals, and more.

The weight of the partitions is always evenly distributed over the span of the structural steel, eliminating the high concentration loads common with traditional systems. This may lead to significant savings in structural steel.