Masdar City claims to be the world’s first zero carbon, zero waste planned city that is being constructed in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This was initiated in 2006.

It has been commissioned by Mubadala Development Company and designed by the British firm Foster and Partners. It will cover 6km² and will include several different renewable energy sources. The main source of power is a 60 megawatt solar power plant, constructed by Conergy. There will be wind farms, geothermal energy plants, waste incineration, solar-powered desalination and grey water recycling. Masdar will indeed host the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

UAE hopes that Masdar will not only be a model for sustainable cities and renewable technologies, but also a haven for renewable energy companies, green energy technology research, development and investment, and carbon resource management. The city has already established, in cooperation with MIT, the Masdar Institute, a world-class research university that will be a source of innovation, R&D and will produce highly skilled graduates.

The city will house 40,000 permanent residents and hundreds of businesses. It will be the first time that a range of renewable energy and sustainable technologies have been integrated across a living and working community.

The USD 19 billion project will be ready between 2020 and 2025. There is no doubt that Man is learning to touch the earth lightly, preserving its resources and live a gentle life that does not demand much from the earth, except its nourishing ground and the energies emitted from sun to the earth.