Embracing accessibility and functionality is the key in making the most of space for a kitchen. Tiered cabinets, fitted furniture and pull-out drawers make the most of limited storage space. This is ideal for a compact kitchen.

With an open floor plan, ingenious storage and stainless steel appliances, design ideas for compact contemporary kitchens are both functional and fun. The use of neutral, soft colours for the cabinets, appliances, and the walls can make a tiny work area feel much larger. Also the use of narrower appliances such as a refrigerator, a stove and a dishwasher as well as a multi-tier cabinet and pull-out drawers makes the most of limited storage space, embracing accessibility and functionality.

Solid stainless steel gives any kitchen a modern, contemporary feel and also makes a design statement. Robust and perfect material for everyday kitchen use, it is stylish as well as being a favourite material for demanding product designers and kitchen planners.