Metecno Lanka has introduced Sandwich Panels, which feature an excellent heat resistant polyurethane layer sandwiched between two steel sheets.

“The Sandwich Panel has many distinct features and properties, which are useful to those in the construction industry as well as their clients. This is why we thought of introducing Sandwich Panels in Sri Lanka,” said Anuksha Sri Nammuni, CEO, Metecno Lanka.

A key advantage of using this product is that it does not require any insulation to be installed underneath, in order to reduce the heat, due to its polyurethane layer. Therefore it cuts down the completion time of the roofing work by nearly ten percent. This is a great benefit to the contractor as well as the client. Yet another benefit for the client, due to the heat resistant feature of this product is that it cuts down the cost of electricity, required for air-conditioning by approximately 15 – 30 percent. Sandwich Panels are an energy efficient and environmentally friendly product that will provide savings for the user in the long term.

Metecno Sandwich Panels are available in the profiles of GLAMET (roofing), Monowall (wall cladding) and Frigowall (cool rooms) with variable polyurethane core thicknesses from 30mm up to a maximum of 150mm. They are offered in an attractive choice of colours and are up to 10m in length. The product is extremely lightweight, yet of high durability and stability.

“We are sure that these products will also be fast moving items in the market, due to their extremely useful nature. I can recommend this product with confidence to anybody based on the results of the stringent quality checks and the comments received from clients who have already used the product,” added Sri Nammuni.