It was with total disbelief that I first learnt of the passing away of my friend Suren.

The untimely and sudden death of Suren has touched the hearts of a number of friends, colleagues, and his compatriots in the professional field: Death is a reality, the mightiest and the lowest cannot escape.

An early project : Hantane Housing Scheme

Suren was a gentleman par excellence, simple in his ways, a good conversationalist, gentle in his manner and conduct. He was a good “mixer” in any company who wanted the best out of life. Suren was a great lover of nature, its beauty, a brilliant architect, sensitive and sympathetic to the environment.

I remember the years when he was Chairman of the Urban Development Authority and I was a Director, where we discussed official matters and occasionally adjourned to another location where the spirits were high. I still picture him after these sessions as he points his finger at me and asks “Elmo machang, can you drive home safely?” This was the caring man we have lost.

He looked at life philosophically and optimistically and enjoyed life to the fullest. His measurable words still reverberate in my ears when he always remarked “Life is short, let us enjoy it and help others enjoy”.

Suren and Tanya were a loving, inseparable duo in many ways. The open camaraderie of warmth of their approach at all times with much cordiality has now, fallen into unforgettable memories.

Suren enjoyed traveling with Tanya whenever he got the opportunity, and never failed to meet up with friends during trips abroad.

Suren is a man to emulate. Mother Lanka has lost a noble son. His friends & colleagues lost a man who acted true to his spirit & conscience and I have lost a true friend.

My thoughts are with Tanya and the family. Let me with Yvette express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences.

Farewell, my friend Suren.

Architect Elmo de Silva