The CPD event 2 was held on August 24, 2012 at the HNB Towers Auditorium. The topic deliberated was on resolving of disputes arising from cost overruns, poor construction material and implementation, and other perceived breaches of construction contracts. Resolving these disputes in court is expensive both in terms of time wasted, cost incurred, and project overruns. Alternative dispute resolution such as mediation adjudication and arbitration are useful tools in construction dispute resolution.

The four presenters mentioned below shared their knowledge and expertise in this field with the Members of SLIA.

  • Mr. Hiran Alwis, Attorney-at-Law, Hony. Chief Executive/Chief Legal Advisor, Sri Lanka National Arbitration Centre outlined the broad view of dispute resolution and the aims and objectives of the Centre.
  • Eng. E.M.G. de Zylva, Advisor to the Construction Guarantee Fund spoke on Adjudication and highlighted the importance of having an Adjudicator from project inception to completion.
  • Mr. Kandiah Neelakandan, Attorney at Law EM & EN Agents & Secretaries spoke about the inclusion of proper clauses to conditions of a contract especially those on ‘arbitration’ in any dispute arising during the construction.
  • Dr. Chandana Jayalath, Mediator for the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution based in London spoke on mediation as a method of dispute settlement in construction.