For 25 years the Tudawe Trading Company offer a large number of cleaning machines and detergents for sale and also provide after-sales service. With the recent addition of the BeachTech product line, they have now expanded into the beach cleaning industry.

In the era of “Green”, there is a big push to keep buildings, their surroundings and the environment clean and sanitary for the public. The well known beaches along the 3,000 km coastline of Sri Lanka attract more visitors each year and there has been an increase in investors for hotels from all over the world. Tudawe Trading recognized this trend early on and specialized in this field with KARCHER cleaning products from Germany and is now a market leader in Sri Lanka.

The risk of maritime pollution is rather high in Sri Lanka as it lies very close to the most frequented international ocean traffic routes. Therefore, there is an increasing need for additional beach cleaning operations and the authorities must respond to this demand. For this purpose, the M.E.P.A. (Marine Environment Protection Authority) was founded. The Tudawe Trading Company identified this potential and now markets BeachTech in this developing country and is also the BeachTech representative for the Maldive Islands.