Of all human inventions, the mirror is perhaps the most intriguing, since it is so closely connected with human consciousness, reflecting both reality and illusion. Since mirrors return light and multiply it, hope and vitality are expressed through their use. They capture vital sunlight and are used to light the way, literally and metaphorically. In numerous cultures mirrors are used as tools for divination and they separate the spirit world from the realm of reality or believed to contain protective powers or strongly linked with solar worship, fertility and wealth.

By Dr Hiranthi Pathirana | Photography Sanjaya Vithana

In present day society, jewellery plays a vital role in events and occasions in the social and economical spheres as an effective mode of expression. It often conveys the social and economical status expressing desires and attitudes. Therefore, considering the necessity and high demand for value added, elegant and unique jewellery utilised in social occasions, the project is focused on a collection of novel and creative evening wear jewellery embellished with mirrors. Reflective surfaces of mirrors can create myriads of different patterns that can be captured in jewellery. The play of light on mirrors create fusion of patterns that are subjected to the characters of glitter, shine and reflection. The play of light in such an occasional atmosphere and environment enhances the elegance of jewellery expressing richness and elegance. In particular, light can be used in jewellery with the use of mirrors, which can impart a spectacular effect by radiating light. Mirrors used with precious materials can add value to jewellery by enhancing elegance, glamour and attractiveness. The design exercise is based on mirrors that are widely available and their cost effectiveness is considered. However, due to its physical properties the range of mirrors vary, and is limited to a certain extent. In this project various qualities of mirrors are harnessed in eight designs of jewellery taking into consideration their availability, reflective quality, arrangement and inherited properties.