Today everything is becoming smart! From your phone to your car to your kids!

The world is becoming smart too. As an outcome of the intense research being done at the Nottingham Trent University, the walls of buildings in future will breathe! A massive research project worth USD 1.35 million; it will scan the unique structure of the termite mound which permits stale and fresh air to be exchanged while preserving a comfortable temperature inside. Termites have been around for over 300 million years and have mastered the art of producing a perfect environment for their colonies to inhabit.

Researchers call the termite mound a lung because it enables the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide without losing heat, and is the only known habitat in the animal kingdom, which can do that.

Termite Technology is still in its research stage. The main objective is to create walls that reduce the need for central heating or air conditioning, as same as the termite mounds do.

Dr Rupert Soar says that unlike the current construction thinking which insulates buildings, separating indoor from the outside, but leads to accumulation of stale and damp air in buildings, Nature works differently. The natural walls are structured and permeable to allow the passage of gases while retaining the temperature and moisture inside.

In future, living in buildings with breathing walls without needing ventilation is certainly a possibility. We have much to learn from Nature and this is indeed one big lesson that will change the way we build, and live in buildings.