Alpha Industries have introduced a novel concept to market home furniture, giving consumers the ultimate shopping experience.

The vehicle for this new initiative is Alpha Home, an Island-wide chain of furniture stores featuring innovative retail concepts while offering a range of added-value services.

“These are not like ordinary furniture stores,” explained Mahesh Dissanayake, Head of Marketing – Alpha. “The display areas will be set up like actual rooms in a house, with plenty of walk-through space. You’ll be able to see exactly how various pieces look in a home setting, accessorised with lamps and rugs––all of which are also for sale. You could buy a complete drawing-room or bedroom––all the bits and pieces you need––from Alpha Home,” he added.

“Our aim is to be contemporary and fashionable, but affordable,” said Shamal Gamage, Manager (Alpha Home Furniture Range) – Alpha.

“We have gone for clean lines, a minimum of ornamentation and durable, hard-wearing materials to drive maximum convenience,” opined Ravishi Carim, Head Designer – Alpha, whose team came up with the new range.

Alpha Home range will also feature a range of lamps, with innovative design features and all Home products will carry a five-year warranty on their wooden components and frames.