Hansgrohe’s latest products using CoolStart technology is now available in Sri Lanka through their authorised distributor, Access Agencies.

Hansgrohe’s CoolStart technology means that only cold water will flow out when set to the middle position. Whereas in standard mixers the continuous flow heaters or circulation pump start up immediately when in the middle position, in CoolStart mixers the piping system does not fill up unnecessarily with hot water. When you move the lever to the left, hot water is added. The user decides how high the temperature needs to be. Its not possible to move the lever to the right.

Since CoolStart reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions are also reduced. As such, Hansgrohe’s latest technology automatically reduces the burden on both the environment and your wallet. The innovative user ergonomics (the lever for the hot water can only be moved to the left) marks a new trend in the sanitation industry.

Hansgrohe is launching the CoolStart technology in its popular Metris, Talis and Focus mixer ranges. Buyers of mixers with CoolStart technology are guaranteed to save energy as well as water. The CoolStart range is expected to be of interest to a broad target group including individual purchasers and hotels.