Architecture and the Arts share commonalities which involve creativity and human endeavour. A committee was formed within the SLIA recently to develop a dialog for the purpose of exploring the common bases of art and architecture. The SLIA’s intention, in order to achieve this objective, is to invite professionals who have excelled in the field of arts to a series of discussion forums. The distinguished invitees were Parakram Niriella and Namel Weeramuni, two luminaries in the field of drama, cinema and television in Sri Lanka. Parakrama Niriella founded the Janakaraliya, Makkal Kalari or Theatre of the People and works as its Creative Director and Chief Executive. His artistic career began as a pioneer member of the first ever street drama group of Sri Lanka. He later expanded his creative activities to include the fields of Cinema and Television. His creative work in all these fields has brought him fame, prestige and helped garner awards both locally and internationally.

Namel Weeramuni’s involvement in the drama scene came about through his avocational interest in the subject. A lawyer with his own legal consultancy in the UK, he returned to Sri Lanka after his retirement and in 2003 he built the “Punchi Theatre” in Borella. He is a film director and dramatist who has contributed prolifically to the contemporary theatre scene in Sri Lanka. His works include ‘Hataraweni Tattuva’, ‘Virupi Rupa’,  ‘Kasi Raten’ and ‘Nattukkari’ with ‘Madyavediyakuge Asipatha’ being the work that is closest to his heart.

The discussion at the ARCHNET forum centred around how to prepare environmental facilities for the staging of Traditional, Classical and Folk drama.