13 copy 14 copySamren Holdings is a construction company specialising in interlocking brick paving. The development of construction methods are a high priority for a developing country like Sri Lanka. Concrete block paving is an essential construction method all over the world at present. Paving methods have been used in the world for thousands of years till now. A special type of paving referred to as interlocking concrete paving has emerged over the last couple of decades opening up possibilities for versatile paving needs.

Samren Holdings paving method is a process that can add real value to a property. Customers are assured of a service that is worth time and money. Strength, durability and quality are Samren Holdings’ best interests offering a wide variety of paving stones in different colours, sizes, and customer ideas. Antique paving stones as well as modern paving stones are also available as desired.

Samren Holdings has skilled, well mannered, well experienced staff bearing over 25 years of experience who are able to build a trustworthy relationship with customers. Samren Holdings is an eco-friendly company with fresh and creative responses towards the environment as well as environmental protection.

The paving sites are managed by an experienced project manager and supervised by a skilled construction manager. Samren Holdings use quality interlocking paving block machines to give our stones an extra smoothness and required strength. It is the only company that offers a lifetime warranty for their productions.