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Sustainable Homes have found a new wave of enthusiasm among eco-minded architects and home builders: a cheaper way to bring sustainable features to the masses. Renowned for their container cabins, Logiventures has worked on aesthetically appealing and architecturally challenging applications. However, their new venture positions them as an innovative shipping container home builder, taking advantage of shipping containers as a mode of building framework to inexpensively construct houses anywhere in the Island and beyond – in a time frame of three to eight weeks.

The ‘Contemporary Mobile Home’ is built upon a framework of three individual shipping containers – three 20’ units and one extended custom fabricated corridor walkway section. The units house the bedrooms, living room and kitchen of the home, while the custom fabricated wooden walkway is utilised to connect all units together. The ‘Contemporary Mobile home’, comprises of three combined container cabins, designed and fabricated separately, as individual modules. These pieces were fused on a three Perch lot. This complex also features a courtyard, which acts as the breezeway patio.

The modules are designed to fit snugly in an 8-foot by 20-foot shipping container, and can make it anywhere around the Island. The homes ship almost entirely complete, with plenty of green features like natural draft air cooling, solar panels, CFL lighting, all-steel framing, and FCC-certified woods. And the inexpensive shipping and more efficient centralised production mean all this features cost significantly less. Altogether, the Contemporary mobile Home is sustainable in material, progressive in design and vibrant as a habitat.