‘auditorium in L’Aquila’ by renzo piano building workshop, aquila, italy
image © marco caselli nirmal all images courtesy of renzo piano building workshop

Auditorium in l’aquila is a temporary structure built to revitalise an area where many cultural buildings were destroyed by an earthquake in 2009. The auditorium conceived as three cubes, the largest of which is the middle volume that rests at a seemingly arbitrary slant and which corresponds to the angle of the terraced seating, capable of hosting up to 238 guests. The technical equipment, restrooms and private dressing rooms for the performers flank the main structure, connected by a steel and glass corridor.

Each mass is constructed entirely of timber, using larch planks and sheets for the exterior skin and flooring and spruce for the structural box trusses. To offset the amount of lumber used in the construction, a total of 200 trees will be planted in the immediate park.

The auditorium in l’aquila is designed by Architect Renzo Pian in collaboration with Atelier Traldi.