Sanyo Elevators (Lifts) Escalators and Car Parking Systems, best known as Sanyo Elevators was founded in November 2003 by Don Rodney Kuruppu and Mohideen Subair Mohamed Hassan, together with the parent company Sanyo Yusoki Kogyo with Japan/Taiwan collobaration.

Manufacturers and suppliers of elevators, escalators, traveletors and parking systems that represent the cutting edge Sanyo Elevators provide the basic means of transport for people and products. Whether in areas of safety, comfort, and speed of ascent and decent, installation and overall appearance for products have been designed to every need.

Soon after Sri Lanka was awarded the sole agents for the Asian region Sanyo Elevators promoted the “Sanyo” brand in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Singapore. Today it is well established in the Asian Region.

Over the nine year period the Company has grown to a work force of 40 to date, some of whom have been trained by principals in Taiwan. Sanyo Elevators’ rapid growth can mainly be attributed to a solid foundation of skills and a far reaching vision and commitment to deliver the best technology, quality to every single customer with a customised solution firmly establishing it in the elevator trade.