Lafarge recently held a workshop to educate local construction suppliers in the ready mix industry. The intricacy of managing these very precise products was a subject for detailed discussion by the Lafarge India Vice President, QC & Product Development, Jean Michel Laye. Over 50 persons from the ready mix industry were present for this workshop and were instructed on how to manage these highly technical products. Lafarge is one of the leading manufacturers of ready mix concrete worldwide operating in over 64 countries and spread across 1,600 industrial sites.

Many insights towards making precise mixtures for the booming construction industry in Sri Lanka were presented and a detailed discussion about what should be done, to handle certain constraints in the supply of aggregates such as sand were discussed by the presenter and the participants.

The pros and cons of using sea sand as a substitute for river sand, due to it being in short supply, were closely examined. A wide variety of customized concrete products and solutions for commercial purposes were presented, to serve specific needs of the customers’ applications, mix designs and industrial standards.

Lafarge, which has a history of turning research into products, has produced several patented mixtures like self-levelling concrete, fast setting concrete, concrete without joints and insulating concrete. Worldwide, the company has a sustainability policy, which aims at reducing the carbon footprint of constructions that use their products. They also focus on energy saving on their production processes and in the buildings constructed with their products.