“The Architect” is Charles Bancroft’s first novel, and it is a true page turner. Taking us on a journey from trendy Farringdon to Beijing, Beirut, Paris and southern Spain’s Moorish hinterland, Bancroft peppers his story with plenty of red herrings and interesting cliff hangers – all conveyed in an easily accessible, cinematic style.

The novel is also the first in The Architect trilogy, and is followed by ‘Masterplan,’ and ‘Deadline’- which is to be published this winter, by Raptor Press.

“The Architect” was born out of 25 years toil in the construction industry. During that time Charles Bancroft was able to observe architects from many perspectives; as friends, as clients but also as a son. His father was an architect for the British Government and Bancroft’s early years were spent amongst strange smelling linen drawings, fragile wooden models and dangerous building sites. And according to Bancroft, those years gave him a sound foundation on which to build his central character Rob Gilbert.