Dining spaces in Patrons will be enthusiastic communities around the world have become an opportunity forcommercial and tourist development. These spaces have become the “excuse” behind communal gathering. A dining space is sure to be acquainted with most public events or public plaza.

The truth is that even though the function of having a meal may seem quite commonplace and can be classed as an everyday necessity the space around this function has become more and more elaborate as restaurants take the centre stage in making an everyday ordinary experience extraordinary.

Ironically the meal alone does not govern the quality of the dining space. It is only complete with the proper ambiance created with mediums such as adequate lighting, ventilation, and innovative interior designs, all which play a part of the ergonomics that complete the experience.

The typologies of dining spaces are many, from fast food outlets, where a quick paced dining take place to fine dining where one would linger long after the meal, there by establishing that an individual’s behavior in a given dining establishment would echo the success of that experience.

about good food, rave about a certain bottle of wine and remember good service yet the lasting impression is in fact made by the environment and if that atmosphere is what was anticipated. The concepts behind the space are governed by many variables such as the cuisine itself, be it local or international, the location, and the nature of the need. Restaurant proprietors look to architects and designers alike to realise these concepts in a functional viable space which ultimately suits the need of the people in the community it sits in.

This issue highlights a selection of dining spaces found within the local context. Ranging from the bold dynamic to the more modest laid back outlets which in their own right serve the purpose which is required of them, by enriching the existing. These spaces are a triumph in the sense that they have succeeded to achieve the essential requirement of adding authenticity to a place and encouraging communal and public gathering in a set community.

Peshali Perera