During the first week of May, the students of Studio 5 participated in a four day live-in workshop. The objective being, to design a civic building for the community at Samarakoon waththa, Moratumulla. The workshop was conducted by Archt. Karan together with Archt. Peshali Perera, Archt. Chamila Bambaradeniya, Archt. Shayan Kumaradas and Archt. Samanthika. The first two days of the workshop was conducted at the Subodhi Institute of Integral Education, designed by Geoffrey Bawa and the final two days at CSA.

This design project was not any ordinary design venture. It was to be built. Thus the students were treated like architects handling real projects.

This workshop has demonstrated that Architecture is often mistaken as a rich man’s domain. The truth is though that it is the less fortunate that are more in need of our attention.

Architecture is not rocket science. Nor is the ability to care- a gravely difficult deed. Caring is instinctive.