As architects, we are always looking for new materials and technologies to make projects standout in terms of aesthetics, design and functionality.

The type of products available and an architects’ knowledge about its uses will have a direct influence in the design stage of a project.

Terracotta Façade panels by industry leader NBK (a Hunter Douglas company) bring a completely new dimension to designing the building exterior. Blending the latest technology for ventilated façades with urban tradition and materials, NBK terracotta tiles meet the highest standards for both architecture and design.

Key Features

– Proprietary facade solutions by NBK move water away from building envelopes, using a ventilated and pressure-equalised system.

– Natural chimney effects not only keep the building dry to reduce maintenance, but also help save energy, due to the cooling effect of air movement.

– Wide range of profiles for surface design, from fine textures to strongly profiled structures. NBK’s line includes natural and peeled surfaces as well as horizontal profiles.

– Specialisation in custom applications. Sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet any requirement.

– Ideal for both new construction and over-cladding projects.

The Rainscreen System

Custom designed and engineered the NBK TERRART® ceramic clay tile facade is based on the rainscreen principle. The vertical joints are backed by a support system which drains rainwater away from the cavities behind. The gaskets, together with balanced air pressure, discourage water from entering the wall cavities.

The tile design allows for air to flow through “open joints”, which helps to balance air pressure in the cavities behind the terracotta cladding elements with that of outside air; hence the term pressure equalisation.

Driven rainwater will not enter the cavities because of the overlapping joints (“protected openings”) and lack of pressure differential. The “back-ventilation” assists in maintaining a dry cavity and negates the build-up of hot air, an additional benefit to the TERRART® rainscreen system.