Imagine opening doors and walking through every corner of your dream home online, before it’s built, changing wall colours instantly, or trying out various furniture, with a variety of textures to chose from, perhaps even rearranging them to your heart’s content! Whilst walking around, a voice explains the details that went into the build of the house. This is possible just by a click of a button, and a keyboard to navigate around.

Creative Cohort introduces this technology for the first time in Sri Lanka. Having vast experience in delivering standard 3D visuals, walkthrough animations, and rotatable panoramas, it believes that such a paradigm shift will exceed expectations of not only clients, but also architects and interior designers who will save time and costs facilitating better communication of ideas.

Additionally, since this solution is deliverable over the Web, it enables architects to reach beyond borders into a global market. Coupled with the right e-marketing strategy and workflows, the sky becomes the limit for local architects and interior designers. Another immediate benefactor to this technology is the tourism and leisure industry. Foreigners could enjoy virtual tours of historical sites, hotels, or any popular destination, even before visiting Sri Lanka. Local businesses could use it to reach global clientele by setting online virtual stores, where anyone can visit an exact replica of their store online and interact just as in the real world.

Creative Cohort hopes to demonstrate this at the Architect Exhibition; a life-sized deployment where a live walkthrough takes place in a 10 ft by 10 ft cube, giving a ‘virtual reality’ experience for any prospective client hoping to build their dream home.