TMT Re-bars are manufactured using modern technology and design standards guaranteeing the properties required by ISO. The reinforced bars are of grade FE550. The bars are manufactured under BS certification as per IS:1786 for concrete reinforcement, which is of global quality standards. It has a cost advantage over M S or CTD bars, resulting in greater savings. The optimisation and regularity of features make it possible to satisfy metallurgic requirements and the adequacy of microstructure offers maximum qualitative levels of the end product.

Designed to be much stronger than conventional bars, TMT Re-bars build a safer and stronger concrete structure with lesser quantity of steel saving up to 13% to 19%. TMT Re-bars guarantee excellent weldability, ductility and bendability. TMT Re-bars provide very high strengths with comparatively higher elongation values, making them more earthquake resistant. Test results for TMT Re-bars have shown no loss of strength up to 5000C and at a temperature range of 5500C to 6000C, the yield strength only decreases by 20N/sq mm. For this reason they can be preferentially used in constructions prone to fire hazards.

The fine layer of scale on TMT Re-bars forms a protective layer thereby making it more corrosion resistant than normal CTD bars in which this initial layer of scale falls down during twisting. Corrosion resistance can be further improved as per customer needs, by altering the material chemistry.