Celcius Solutions is proud to introduce two new ranges to the Sri Lankan market in feather pillows and organic cotton pillows. This is in addition to Celcius Classic and Premium range products made up of anti dust mite and anti bacteria treated fibre pillows, duvets, cushions, sheets, mattress protectors and bolster pillows already available with all leading retail stores and supermarkets.

When cared for properly, the high quality down and feather products will last for generations without any loss of loft or the soft luxurious feel. High quality down and feathers are carefully washed, rinsed and dried, using machinery developed for this specific purpose. Special sanitising processes are used to ensure the feathers are hypoallergenic. When this process is complete the finished product has a very high level of cleanliness. Celcius feather products are manufactured using a very strict set of standards and cleanliness is guaranteed by the International Down and Feather Laboratories (IDFL) of USA. The Celcius feather pillows come in a special shell structured casing to ensure that the product lasts longer without any loss of its unique features.

Research has proven that natural and chemical-free organic raw cotton provides the best sleeping environment for health and longevity. These organic fibre filled pillows are for those who want gentle but firmer support with the added benefit of containing no chemical contaminants that could cause allergic reactions. Organically grown raw cotton fibre will provide a comfortable and soft feel. A durable and strong material that resists wear and tear, good elasticity coupled with excellent breathability helps to regulate body temperature. These pillows are known to provide exceptional support and a healthier restorative sleep for both body and mind.