Situated on Vancouver’s waterfront, the Vancouver Convention Centre is designed to bring together the natural ecology, vibrant local culture and built environment, accentuating their interrelationships through architecture. Completed in April 2009, the 1.2 million sq ft expansion completes the development of the public realm on the waterfront.

An interesting feature here is the functional integration of the natural ecology of the waterfront with the human activities within the facility. These include a six-acre living roof and an underwater “habitat skirt”. The design also incorporates several sustainability measures which include a water conservation and reuse strategy and a sea water heat pump system, the exterior design allows for extensive “daylighting” and natural ventilation. The architects have targeted the building to achieve LEED® Canada Gold.

The essence of the surrounding community is embedded in the architectural design. Community life is extensively integrated into the facility via 400,000 sq ft of public open space and links to Vancouver’s harbour greenbelt.

The design also integrates the site’s urban surroundings; an extension of the waterfront public park and street geometries has created 90,000 sq ft of retail space. The design also enables users to view corridors from the urban core, creating a strong visual connection between inside and outside.