The Burj Dubai with 141 storeys and 500m high has been declared the world’s tallest building. It’s now taller than the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which used to hold the title for the tallest structure in the world since 2004.

Designed by the world famous architectural practice Skidmore Owings & Merrill, the Burj Dubai is a US$ 20 bn investment on a 50 acre site in Dubai, that includes residential, commercial, and retail functions and will finish off with an observation platform on the top level. The construction of the tallest building had to face some of the most challenging issues related to construction, and the solutions have created groundbreaking records: the Burj has already set a new world record for vertical concrete pumping and includes the world’s fastest high capacity construction hoist.

The Burj Dubai is planned to be completed in 2009. The design combines cultural influences with cutting-edge technology to achieve high-performance. Its massing is manipulated in the vertical dimension to minimise the impact of wind on the tower’s movement.

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