Architectural design is a human process, involving a variety of abilities and tasks, from the most creative to the utterly repetitive. So an intelligent Virtual Building Information Modeling (BIM) was developed by architects for use by architects.

Working with a virtual BIM, an Architect will discover the pleasures and benefits of designing

in a 3D architectural environment with extraordinary modeling freedom. Based on a profound knowledge of the architectural process, the Virtual BIM simulates the way a real building is constructed. From intricate details of functional study to complex design, its specialized tools are extremely easy to use, ensuring that there are no bounds to your creativity.

A virtual BIM’s advanced visualization abilities will arm the user with a full and fluent visualization tool enabling you to navigate freely through and around your design, making alterations as you go. You will be able to create sections in a click, execute sun (daylight variation) studies and thoroughly explore every aspect of the design.

With an innovative BIM one can create a 3D virtual model, providing immediate visualisation in 3D and 2D, ability to produce presentations to the client and all necessary 2D documentation – drawings, bills of materials – is derived automatically. The project lives and evolves on the screen simultaneously with the Architect’s concepts. Virtual and intelligent Building Information Modeling is a natural and intuitive process which is both inspiring and enjoyable. Watch your building model evolve before your own eyes with the clarity of 3D – and clients can truly appreciate good design immediately.

Design evaluation being a fundamental part of the architectural design process, an effective evaluation is based primarily on a clear perception of the design. But it’s not enough to merely create a good design. For a concept to become reality, it must delight and convince clients. Using this software, the Architect can easily create high quality 2D drawings, 3D zones, animations, VR scenes and photorealistic renderings. A presentation will no longer be a time consuming distraction, but instead becomes a showcase for a living project.

As soon as the Architect or the client takes control of the mouse, easily navigating and exploring the project in 3D, reactions are quick and instantly become much more favorable.

Clients will appreciate better and more quickly the concepts and implications of any design proposal and can instantly view the costs and benefits, and obtain an optimum design.

Minimum hardware requirements:

• Intel P4 2 Ghz or higher

• Mac G4 , G5 recommended

Minimum memory and disk space requirements

• Min 1GB RAM, 2 GB recommended

• 1 GB free disk space, over 2 GB recommended for more complex models and 3D visualisation

The comprehensive Virtual Building model contains not only all the geometrical information about the project, but also rich, non-graphic data. It allows you to run various lifecycle performance analyses, use interactive schedules and extract accurate estimations directly from the model. The combination of these wide-ranging capabilities makes the BIM software an extremely efficient platform for sound cross-examination of different alternatives, leading ultimately to better design.

Effective collaboration between team members is crucial to the success of an architectural design project. The Virtual BIM, which is based on one unified and comprehensive database, ensures seamless internal collaboration within an architectural design firm. With a TeamWork technology, the entire 3D building model can be divided into subsets, on which autonomous members of the design team can work simultaneously, sharing changes with their colleagues, even red-lining 3D elements, while remaining aware of what other team members are doing.

Built to meet the practical needs of architects, this software helps architects to concentrate on their core skill – creating inspiring designs for their clients.

The software can be purchased through IMAC (pvt) Ltd., 186 Galle Road, Colombo 04. The pricing varies depending on number of licenses purchased and special deals are available form time to time. Please contact IMAC Harith-0777340421 or Dhammika 0777342340 for more information. Web: